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Zaffiro Infrared Thermo Face & Body Lift

Non-invasive medical aesthetic lift treatment.

What is Zaffiro?

Zaffiro by Neauvia is a modern device for non-invasive and painless thermolifting. For over the decade Zaffiro gained a superb reputation amongst dermatologists and aesthetic doctors across the globe due to its effectiveness and safety. In summer 2023 Zaffiro was officially launched in the UK and became available for advanced aesthetic skin clinics. WE are proud to be one of the handful clinics in the UK offering Zaffiro technology.

Zaffiro was recently featured in TATLER’s Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Guide 2024.

Zaffiro combines two advanced technologies: INFRARED light and SMARTHYDRO advanced water exfoliation.

SMARTHYDRO is an advanced water exfoliation technology - a two-phase stream of air and water that deeply cleanses the skin, removes the dead cells & oxygenates tissue enabling the delivery of active ingredients to the skin, but also better penetration of temperature through it. Thanks to this, we can achieve the uniform heating of the area undergoing rejuvenation and firming, thus intensifying the Zaffiro effect.

INFRARED modality fitted with sapphire glass, enhances the emission of infrared light, leading to a thermal effect on the deeper layers of skin called thermolifting. During the treatment, the deep layers of the skin are first cooled down, then heated to a temperature of 65°C, thanks to which the collagen and elastin fibres overstretched due to ageing process & responsible for saggy skin are shortened back to their original length. After that process the skin is cooled back down which leaves the client’s skin intact and with no down time. During the treatment fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of collagen fibers, are simultaneously stimulated to produce new, young collagen & elastin fibres which leads to complete skin remodelling. The process continues for 6 to 9 long months after one treatment, meaning your skin is getting younger with time. 

How many session will I need?

A course of 3 treatments is recommended for 35+ clients with one annual maintenance treatment to maintain the results & slow the ageing process significantly. Zaffiro restores the skin's youthful appearance in a completely natural, but also spectacular way. If you are looking to age elegantly, maintaining natural looking, fresh, rested & healthy skin this is the treatment for you. 

If you’re looking for 100% safe, no downtime treatment that gives spectacular results it is best choice treatment which can restore the health of your skin and reverse the ageing process significantly while maintaining your unique features.

Excellent results for to prevent & reverse ageing 

  • Loss of skin firmness on the face, neck and décolletage 

  • Saggy & droopy mid & lower face

  • Laxity of abdominal skin, breasts, knees, buttocks

  • Dull, greyish skin that requires nourishment

  • Loss of firmness of the body as a result of aging or large weight loss

  • Sensitive skin with tendency to redness that requires strengthening of capillary system

  • Preventing ageing

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