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Larens Collagen Face Treatments

Skin care that will change your Skin Life forever.

Why Larens?

Because it works like magic and feel luxurious with every single application.

At BEAŪT we’re driven by the results that’s why choosing Larens was an easy decision followed by months of testing the products on our skin and skin’s of our loved ones.

LARENS offers truly revolutionary combination of the achievements of science and brilliance of nature. Both, professional and home care range are focused on maintaining or restoring the correct skin’s functions, as well as targeting skin’s specific needs including ageing, allergies, atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, eczema or skin damaged by harmful external factors. 

What is Liposomal Collagen Complex?

It is the world’s first combination of natural peptides and fish collagen amino acids encased in liposomal carrier, which delivers them to deeper layers of skin, intensifying and lengthening their duration. Provides an immediate wrinkles shallowing effect and noticeably densifies the skin structures, initiates long-lasting regeneration processes.

Why are liposomes such a great carrier?

The liposome shell is made of a lipid bilayer that is identical to the skin lipid bilayer, intensifying the transdermal transport of the substances contained in the liposomes and prolonging their release – products with liposomal collagen work stronger and longer. It guarantees that the substances reach the deeper skin layers, where the collagen proteins action processes take place. Liposomes with LCC cross the skin barrier, transporting active substances deep into the skin.

Effects of Liposomal Collagen Complex on the skin

  • Thickening of the skin, saturation of its collagen protein, stimulating regeneration processes (also visible in the ultrasound).

  • Significant smoothing, reduction of wrinkles (also seen in ultrasound).

  • Lifting effect.

  • Ultrahydration effect.

Products that react to the skin’s needs

The aim of the products is focused on maintaining or restoring the correct skin’s functions, as well as to react to the skin’s specific needs. That’s why what Larens has to offer responds so efficiently to the challenges posed by the skin that is ageing, allergic, problematic e.g. dealing with atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, or is damaged by harmful external factors. They are perfect in reducing scars of various origins. They are appreciated as a support tool for the therapies conducted by dermatologists and physiotherapists.

Synergy of the active ingredients

The basic ingredients of the Larens cosmeceuticals are the Biopeptide Complex – a cocktail of natural fish collagen peptides, obtained by the patented method, and the absolute novelty – Liposomal Collagen Complex, the world’s unique fish collagen peptides contained in liposomes.

Their properties are synergistically complemented by other, carefully selected active ingredients: BIO-Placenta, Phytodermina Lifting™, SYN®-AKE, Hydromanil™, colloidal silver, Lipout™, liposomal hyaluronic acid, GLA Complex, oils, plant extracts, and others. The formula compositions of each particular product contain the highest quality ingredients, inserted in high (but also optimal) concentrations and combinations that allow mutual synergy.

Treatments that get the job done!

What is the reason behind the exceptional effectiveness and immediately noticeable effects of treatments with the use of Larens Professional products? Most certainly it is due to unique compositions of formulations created by WellU laboratories. Each and every one of them is impressive. The variety of active ingredients includes innovative substances of extraordinary properties in the field of skincare, with a special emphasis on the anti-ageing effects.

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