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Hair Loss Bespoke Treatment Plans

Combined protocols to rejuvenate and aid hair regrowth.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Dermapen Treatments for hair loss are effective for alopecia conditions where the hair follicle still exists to grow hair. Dermapen procedures stimulate angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessels) nourishing the bulb of each hair, delivering hormones to activate and sustain healthy hair growth. We use mesotherapy & growth hormones to aid the results.

Clinical Procedure

Professionals use the Dermapen 4™ to create thousands of micro-channels in your skin that deliver active ingredients 80% deeper into the skin than regular topical applications. The underlying cells absorb the benefits. The combination therapy options for hair loss include infusing (applying topically and needling in) various Meso-Therapy solutions.

The revolutionary design of the Dermapen 4 offers faster procedural times with far less discomfort than ever before.

Treatment Protocols

Your first step to reversing hair loss is a consultation to create a bespoke treatment plan. You’ll find out how many procedures to expect and how frequently you should receive microneedling for optimal results.

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